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6 / 19 Let's commemorate Liudui 300 another way

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/06/17
  • Last updated:2022/02/16
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#Liudui 300 plus tinned cam, get your Liudui style! Although we can't get together during the epidemic, let's add a tinned cam to commemorate the Liudui 300!

Three hundred years ago, the tenth day of May of the lunar calendar was the day when Liudui ancestors pitched their flags to block and defend their homes. This year on June 19 (the tenth day of May in the lunar calendar) coincided with the 300th anniversary of Liudui. Although the original theme’s activity will be postponed to November due to the level 3 alert for the national epidemic, to remember the spirit of unity and loyalty of our ancestors 300 years ago, let's commemorate Liudui 300 together another way!

  • Liudui people come together ~ for sure.
  • For those who are not native Liudui people - just follow the trend.
  • For Liudui people who go out to work - join us if you miss your hometown. Let's make a promise to go back to Liudui after the epidemic ends!

●Two moves to use the tinned cam ●

Replace on the FB profile page:

  1. After clicking on the photo sticker, an option appears. Click "add tinned cam".
  2. Search for "Liudui 300".
  3. Click the tinned cam and click on "set it as the photo sticker" below.

→ Go to the website: and search for "Liudui 300". Click the tinned cam and then click on "set it as the photo sticker" below.