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Adjustment plan for Liudui 300 commemoration activities in response to the national epidemic third-level warning measures

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/06/15
  • Last updated:2022/04/06
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In response to the national epidemic third-level alert measures

The activities of Liudui 300 commemoration are adjusted as follows:
Theme activities on 6 / 18-20 are postponed to November.
The commemorative ceremony on 6 / 19 was commemorated by raising the Liudui 300 commemorative flags.

  • 6 / 19 9:00AM 16 venues jointly raise Liudui 300 commemorative flags
  • Use the Liudui 300 FB photo stickers together

This activity will continue to cooperate with the epidemic prevention policy of the central epidemic command center and make flexible adjustments at any time. For any inconveniences caused, we ask for your forgiveness and understanding.