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All welcome to take part in the Hakka Forum Museum series – Ethnic and Hakka Studies Theories Workshop

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  • Publication Date:2021/10/20
  • Last updated:2022/04/28
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All welcome to take part in the Hakka Forum Museum series – Ethnic and Hakka Studies Theories Workshop 展示圖 族群與客家研究理論工作坊

The Hakka Affairs Council’s Hakka Culture Development Center (hereafter referred to as the Center), in order to serve as a platform for communication and dialogue concerning Hakka and ethnic contemporary issues, sees the “North Museum” (Taiwan Hakka Museum) and “South Park” (Liugdui Eco-Museum) under its jurisdiction in the role of the Hakka Forum Museum, using online forums and workshops as an intermediary for a variety of dialogues, continuing to share with the general public explorations of issues related to Hakka and ethnicity.

2021’s Ethnic and Hakka Studies Theories Workshop is one result of in-depth planning for the year by National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University’s Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences (hereafter referred to as Yang Ming Chiao Tung RCHSS). To allow more people who are interested to take part in the workshop’s discussions, Yang Ming Chiao Tung RCHSS also invited the Center to collaborate by means of the online Hakka Forum Museum to expand the invitation to interested friends to join in the discussion.

This workshop is the first activity for the online Hakka Forum Museum. In the future it will be possible to meet with everyone in all kinds of format including workshops, academic symposiums and lectures, and for works to be expressed in all manner of ways such as papers, books, picture books, new songs and cultural creations. Follow-up online Hakka Forum Museum content and arrangements for related series of activities will be announced in due course, so do look out for them!

 The following is a list of activities and report information on the 2021 Ethnic and Hakka Studies Theories Workshop, all are welcome to take part.

 This workshop will be organized in a decentralized online discussion model, with a total of six sessions, to be held respectively on October 17th (Sun), 23rd (Sat), 30th (Sat), and 31st (Sun), 2021.


Organizer: National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences
Contact: Chang Wei-an
Email (for this workshop):
Phone: (03) 571-2121 ex. 52499

Co-Organizer: Hakka Affairs Council, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center
Contact: Research Development Department Chang Jung-chia, Feng Chien-chang, Hsu Kuo-feng

Phone: 037-985558 ex. 213, 212, 205


Ethnic and Hakka Studies Theories Workshop

8:50 Opening

Chang Wei-an presiding

Opening Remarks

Professor Chou Chien, Director of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences





Session 1

October 17 AM
Host: Noriko Iijima



Yu Long-tong

Examining Theories and Approaches to Hakka Industrial Economic Research

Lai Shou-cheng



Al Chung-chieh Wu

A Linguistic and Cultural Comparison of Qing Dynasty Migration from Guangdong’s Pingyuan and Zhenping to Liugdui and Zhejiang

Ho Chun-hui


Wang Pao-chien

Taiwanese Hakka and Indigenous Peoples’ Political Participation from the Perspective of International Human Rights Law

Tseng Chien-yuan

Session 2

October 17 PM
Host: Tsai Fen-fang


 Huang Shin-yang

Philip Kuhn and Wang Gungwu’s Chinese Discourse Discussion and its Implications for Hakka Ethnicity Theory

Tsai Fen-fang


Hsu Yu-tsuen

Religious Beliefs, Community Boundaries and Transnational Connections of the Hakka of Tenom in Malaysia’s Sabah State

Liu Jui-chao


Yang Kuo-hsin

On the Methodology and Theory of Hakka Studies

Chang Wei-an

Session 3

October 23 AM
Host: Chien Mei-ling


Hsing Kuang-ta

Hakka Production and Reproduction: Modern Hakka Studies from the Perspective of Resource Theory and Possibilities for Public Hakka Research

Chang Wei-an


Hironao Kawai

The Spatial Turn of Hakka Cultural Research

Chien Mei-ling


Chang Chen-chi

Applications for Infometrics in Hakka Studies

Liao Chien-hsiang

Session 4

October 23 PM
Host: Chen Siu-ki


Keynote Speech

Chang Kuang-yu: The Origins of Hakka Language – Han Dynasty Central Plains Tongue (Discussion with Chen Siu-ki)


Hu Cheng-kuang

Second-Order Observations in Ethnicity Studies

Lu Kuei-hsien


Chang Meng-chu and
Cheng Chun-chun

Hakka Architecture Research Theory and Approach Analysis

Huang Yen-ming

Session 5

October 30 AM
Host: Shu Wei-der


Chang Han-pi and
Tsai Fen-fang

The ‘Ethnic’ Basis Between Tribalism and Multiculturalism: A Historical Approach

Shu Wei-der


 Ding Seong Lin

Language Symbol Landscape and Hakka Studies

Tsai Fen-fang

Session 6

October 31 PM
Host: Chang Han-pi


Lo Lieh-shih

Fractured Nation and True Tradition: Taiwanese Hakka and Ethnicity Theory Reconsidered

Ko Chao-chin


Huang Yu-ching

The Power of Literature: Taking the National Cheng Kung University Hakka Literature Prize as Example

Peng Jui-chin


Danny Wong Tze Ken

Hakka as a Chinese Dialect Group in Malaysia

Liu Jui-chao