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All welcome to take part in the National Vo Tang 2021 Q1 Forum Series – Contemporary Hakka Conversation!

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2021/12/29
  • Last updated:2022/04/28
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All welcome to take part in the National Vo Tang 2021 Q1 Forum Series – Contemporary Hakka Conversation! 展示圖 Contemporary Hakka Conversation!

In contrast to traditional museums’ static display of artifacts, 21st century Germany has reopened its national museum and renamed it the Humboldt Forum, with a focus on polyphony, exchanges and diversity. But what the Humboldt Forum is not exceptional – many museums around the world are also moving in this direction. The position and role of the Museum Forum at the Taiwan Hakka Museum are twofold. On the one hand, the forum is a force that assists and advances the Taiwan Hakka Museum; the exhibitions, communication and interpretations inside the museum can be promoted externally through the forum platform. Secondly, the forum also plays a trailblazing role, a voice of extending ahead and initiatives to spur more dialogue and exchanges. Values and practices on topics such as cultural diversity, globalization and local traditions, identity politics, gender equality, history and transitional justice, and sustainable ecosystems can all be discussed through this forum, even raise perspectives that are local but that speak to the world. In other words, the forum’s positioning will be firmly Hakka and indigenous, while at the same time crossing the territories of diversity, dialogue and the world. Only with this dual track to practice the spirit of polyphony, exchanges and diversity spirit can Hakka be the Hakka of the Hakka as well as the Hakka of Taiwan and the whole world.

As 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the Taiwan Hakka Museum, we expect the museum to play an role in initiating dialogue intermediary, expanding from topics of Hakka and ethnicity to important topics affecting contemporary society, and inviting everyone to take part together and commence a dialogue. We have therefore named the forum the National Vo Tang. The Vo Tang concept is derived from when Hakka people in the past would gather together outside of work at the “vo tang” (grain drying floor) to chat, share with each other and talk things over. Borrowing this image, we hope the Museum Forum can be a platform for people to freely and leisurely communicate and discuss new concepts and ideas.

The National Vo Tang 2022 Q1 forum series will bring together expert researchers from all disciplines, from the sociology of knowledge analyze contemporary Hakka studies; introduce the Taiwan Hakka Museum’s current special exhibitions — letting everyone know the ties between Taiwanese Hakka and Japan, contemporary foreign translations of Hakka classic works, and inviting people to return to the field to explore how Hakka settlements have changed over 50 years. We also put a spotlight on the upcoming World Hakka Expo to be held in Taiwan, and analyze the contemporary situation and prospects for Hakka. All are welcome to sign up!

Information on National Vo Tang 2022 Q1 Forum Series activities is below, all are welcome

  • Contemporary Hakka Conversation I 2022/1/14(Friday)10 AM

Topic: Contemporary Hakka Research Sociology of Knowledge Analysis
Main Speaker: Professor Chang Wei-an
Co-Speakers: Director Ho Chin-liang, Associate Researcher Chang Jung-chia

  • Exhibition Lecture I 2022/2/14(Monday)2 PM

Topic: Ever-flowing River – The Bonds between Taiwanese Hakka and Japan
Main Speakers: Associate Professor Hironao Kawai, Professor Chang Wei-an
Co-Speakers: Director Ho Chin-liang, Editor Hung Teng-chin, Assistant Editor Lai Po-jo

  • Introduction to the Chinese Translation of Hakka Classics in Foreign Languages I 2022/3/22(Tues)2 PM

Topic: Returning to Datie and Zhongshe: 50 Years of Social Change
Main Speakers: Assistant Professor Tsai Pei-ju, Associate Researcher Chiu Hsiu-ying

  • Contemporary Hakka Conversation II 2022/4/13(Wed)2 PM

Topic: Hakka in Contemporary Situation and Prospects – Introducing Hakka and World Hakka Expo
Main Speaker: Professor Hsin-huang Michael Hsiao (Presidential Office Senior Advisor)

Organizer: Hakka Affairs Council, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center
Contact: Research Development Department Chang Jung-chia, Feng Chien-chang, Hsu Kuo-feng
Tel: 037-985558 ex. 213, 212, 205