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Hakka Village-cum-Museum: Liugdui Wonders of the Only Seaside Hakka Settlement

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2023/02/16
  • Last updated:2023/03/13
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The Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center of the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) launched the second exhibition at the left section of the Liugdui settlements, special exhibition hangˇ liau: 13 Villages on the Southern Shore—gaˊ dungˊ gioˊ, based on the concept of an ecomuseum. The opening ceremony was held in front of Hsiao's Historic House at Jiadong Township, Pingtung County on December 24, 2022. Two books published by the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center were concurrently launched at the same event: Moonlit Stroll in a Prosperous Town and A Man's Greatness as Told by His Sword.

Hakka Village-cum-Museum

HAC Deputy Minister Chung Kung-chao stated that villages are an essential part of the Liugdui ecomuseum. Jiadong Township, the left section of the Liugdui settlements, has a wealth of historic buildings, a poetry path, and unique customs. At every turn there is a sight telling of a fascinating past, making it a genuine museum experience. Its cultural assets date from multiple historical periods, from buildings constructed upon arrival and settlement in the land in the Qing dynasty to war facilities built for resisting the Japanese invasion of Taiwan. The Yang Family Ancestral Hall, for instance, was only preserved thanks to a popular initiative in the 1990s and the Jhang Family Historic House was saved by locals who gathered funds to purchase the property. Residents place great importance on the heritage left behind by their forebears. The aforesaid are physical buildings, but the intangible cultural assets expressed through lifestyles and traditions in villages are also noteworthy. For the current exhibition, research literature on Hakka culture and interviews to locals were referenced to unearth the memories and past lifestyle of this Hakka village and, through curatorship, present these to visitors so that more people can learn about the only seaside village among the Liugdui settlements and understand its history.

Only Seaside Hakka Settlement

Moonlit Stroll in a Prosperous Town—Story of the Seu Family in the Left Liugdui recounts the experiences of the Seu (Mandarin: Hsiao) family from their leading role during the opposition against the Japanese invasion of Taiwan and tenure as government officials to their connection with historical incidents during Taiwan's White Terror period. Images and texts piece together the moving tale hidden within this imposing mansion. A Man's Greatness as Told by His Sword—Research on the Sword of Lai Iung-bi from Liugdui in Southern Taiwan, on the other hand, seeks to shed light on the history behind the weapon used by Lai Iung-bi, fourth leader of the historical Liugdui federation of Hakka settlements in southern Taiwan. Assessment of historical information and cross-comparison based on hoplology literature, as well as on-site research and recording of oral history, served as means to delve into the topic and relevant outcomes were compiled in a digital database. Despite their different approaches, both books offer a captivating insight into the wondrous past of the Liugdui member on the left.


Other than the exhibition, book launch, and family picture book activities and tours organized in this iconic building complex, tour maps of left Liugdui are available via GIS technology and themed itineraries and village educational tours have been planned for the general public to experience the beauty of gaˊ dungˊ gioˊ (historical name of Jiadong Township) in a wider variety of ways.