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”Hakka Art, Painting Chrysanthemum” Light Travel Along the Tai-3rd-Road

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2018/12/21
  • Last updated:2020/10/15
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”Hakka Art, Painting Chrysanthemum” Light Travel Along the Tai-3rd-Road 展示圖 f1545362731020.jpg

  In the special activities of "Hakka Art, Painting Chrysanthemum” light travel along the Tai-3rd-Road, the exhibition has introduced the spirit of the Hakka people working outside to the public and also had them taste the limited meal with Chrysanthemum and feel the environmental spirit of "Eating Local Food"; besides, the public also tried picking the Chrysanthemum morifolium from the field personally and in this way, they could understand Hakka's mutual help culture "Hung-gong (means to help each other during the busy season in farming)"; They also learned to make culture creative Hakka bags, on which they used serigraphy to print the totems filled with Hakka images onto the canvas bags, so that the adults and children could experience the core feeling of the folk tradition in the style of serigraphy with illustrators full of Hakka cultural characteristics, which was also attractive to many young friends.

客藝菊畫 作品成果展課程前的導覽介紹將顏料塗在模板上將模板上的顏料刮印壓上色使用畫筆上色「客藝菊畫」台三線輕旅行活動團體合影