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“The Most Beautiful Blossom”

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2020/07/13
  • Last updated:2022/02/16
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“The Most Beautiful Blossom” 展示圖 F1600914604832

A fantasy journey on a summer night, the Hakka musical “The most beautiful blossom” will be performed at the Taiwan Hakka Museum in Miaoli on July 18th and 19th


Since cultural and artistic activities are back on, we can now enjoy our summer holidays. The Hakka Affairs Council invites the Diabolo Dance Theatre, known as the Cirque du Soleil of Taiwan, to perform the Hakka musical play “The most beautiful blossom” at the outdoor amphitheater of the Taiwan Hakka Museum on July 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday) at 6:30 pm, the first weekend of the summer vacation. In accordance with epidemic prevention guidance, the event is adopting contact-information-based measures. On the first day of the press release, we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response; 1,600 seats were booked via the online registration platform. To allow more members of the public to watch the performance with us, we have decided to extend the opening hours of the Taiwan Hakka Museum to 7:30 in the evening and simultaneously broadcast the show at slope square on the 1st floor inside the museum.

Group photo taken before the opening

The debut took place on July 18th, and Mr. Chung Kung-Chao, Vice Chairman of the Hakka Affairs Council, showed up to enjoy the wonderful show with the audience. According to Vice Chairman Chung, the Hakka Affairs Council tries to encourage the general public to go outside and visit Hakka villages by launching artistic and cultural performances for parent-child bonding in response to the Epidemic New Life Movement. We invite adults to bring their children to watch this Hakka fantasy play and become acquainted with Hakka culture. The Hakka Affairs Council has also launched Hakka village travel vouchers for NTD 800 to coordination with this stimulus package. Visitors are welcome to plan a trip to a Hakka village and experience one of 70 key development areas of Hakka culture all over the country.

Performed and sung by the phenomenal singer, Huang Pei-Shu客家優質女聲黃珮舒參與演出獻唱2

With music directed by the winner of the 4th Golden Melody Awards, Liu Shao-Hsi, and songs sung by the phenomenal Huang Pei-Shu, “The most beautiful blossom” narrates the story of Hakka girls who embark on a fantasy journey to the tung blossom forests. The total stage of this performance is 12 meters high and 27 meters wide, and by incorporating lighting and full-screen projection, an illusory scene of virtuality and reality is successfully created on the stage when the night draws near. According to the artistic director, Liu Le-Chun, this performance is the first masterpiece created by the Diabolo Dance Theatre incorporating Hakka culture. Apart from visually admiring the unique Diabolo performing arts of the Diabolo Dance Theatre, the audience is able to appreciate and get to know a totally different side of Hakka culture with the inclusion of prolific performance elements and the fact that it is a musical, so even if you don’t know the language you can appreciate the performance.

Group photo of performers and the audience

The two-day weekend event is very exciting. The “Elite Bazaar” will open from 2 pm, with nearly 20 businesses integrating local specialties and young people's creativity setting up. Created by Yu Wen-Fu, the artist who uses natural elements such as bamboo and soil to mirror the landscape, the “Snow in Summer” art exhibition, which interprets the magnificent snowscape of tung petals that fall on the ground, is also set up at the site. Later in the evening, the Hakka fantasy play full of imagination and surprises will be performed by the Diabolo Dance Theater, allowing visitors to savor a sumptuous feast of culture and art mid-summer.

Highlights of the performanceHighlights of the performance

Highlights of the performance