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Hakka Power 2019 Liudui Hakka Village Marathon

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2019/10/20
  • Last updated:2020/12/14
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Hakka Power 2019 Liudui Hakka Village Marathon 展示圖 f1572486763342.jpg

The first National Hakka-themed marathon “Hakka Power 2019 Liudui Hakka Village Marathon” kicks off today (20th) at the Meinong Junior High School, with the Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council Li Yong Te, Olympic Taekwondo gold-medal winner Chu Mu Yen, the Founder of the Republic of China Road Running Association Chen Shih shan, Minister of Hakka Affairs Council of Kaohsiung City Government Huang Yung Ching, Deputy Director of Sports Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government Chou Ming Chen, District Executive of Meinong District Chung Ping Kuang, District Executive of Liugui District Yang Hsiao Chih, the Chairman of Meinong Agricultural Association Chung Chin Hui, and some honored guests of more than ten school principals firing a shot. The grand marathon event attracted nearly 5,000 runners and people to participate.

In his speech, the Minister of Hakka Affairs Council, Li Yung Te states that Liudiu ancestors came to Taiwan as pioneers 300 years ago without any complaints. Currently, Meinong of the You Diu has become a representative township of domestic humanities and culture, revealing the bravery, diligence and thrifty of Liudiu Hakka people. Born in Meinong, he especially recommends the attractions along the event route. For example, there are some important historical buildings in You Diu Hakka villages, such as Shihzihtou Irrigation System, Meinong Water Bridge, East Gate Tower, Meinong Word-worshipping Paper Incinerator, as well as natural scenery such as Meinong Lake, the foot of Mt. Meinong, and Xinwei Forest Park. He hopes that through this event, runners not only exercise and keep fit, but also enjoy the rural scenery, attend a day school to learn about cultural assets, and experience the local industry. In the future, the Hakka Affairs Council will continue to promote Hakka, allowing people across the country and around the world to see the charm of Hakka villages.    

This event focuses on "Hakka ethnic group" and "Hakka culture". Therefore, strong Hakka elements are integrated into competition events, competition route and performance activities. For example, the event is divided into Group of Hakka Village Energy (42 kilometers), Group of Running Around Hakka Village (25 kilometers) and Group of Happy Hakka Village (5 kilometers). Many runners say that the route is mostly along the irritation ditch. They enjoy the idyllic mountains and Hakka settlements along the way, which makes them easy and relaxed. They also tasted the local delicacies of Liudiu at the supply station such as papaya, taro cakes, and Wanluan pig feet. In addition to the good value, the event is full of cultural atmosphere. What impresses the runners is that officers of the Hakka Cultural Development Center and District Executive of Meinong District Chung Ping Kuang brings the mascots to line up at the entrance of the event venue to welcome runners from all over the place at 5 o'clock in the morning. The local residents are highly involved in this event. They organized a cheering team with the school teachers and students, holding farm tools, pots and pans, singing Hakka folk songs to cheer for the runners, which makes them feel kind and warm.

The “Liudui Hakka Village Marathon” is a sport event for all of the people. Many runners come from the same family. The oldest runner is 82 years old and the youngest is only 1 year old. Besides, companies and relatives and friends sign up together. What’s more, parents push strollers with the baby to participate. They enjoy the happy time of getting up early to exercise together. The Minister Li Yung Te even challenges the first Marathon in his life and fulfills his dream in the hometown. When he reached the terminal, he won the warm cheers of many runners.

In this competition, Yang Kuan Ling of Fengshan Jogging Association wins the 25k women's group, Chang Hung Pin wins the men's group; Chou Ling Chun wins the 42k women's group, and Ko Shih Chieh wins the men's group. The competition also features creative competitions, attracting many runners to wear clothing and accessories with Hakka elements to participate, including dresses made of Hakka printed cloth, and creative Hakka Blue Shirts. What’s more, mascots of Tsai Mei and A Ti Gu, along with The Lion Family cheer for the runners together, showing more diverse and lively beauty of Hakka culture. At the end of the event, there are lucky draws, giving special agricultural products of Liudiu. The first prize (40 pounds of gift box of black diamond lianwu in Liugui District) is luckily won by the contestant Hsu Ying Chang in Meinong District.

“Hakka Power 2019 Liudui Hakka Village Marathon” gives a comprehensive sports tourism experience to runners. The organizer, Hakka Culture Development Center of the Hakka Affairs Council, hopes to continue to lead people to visit Hakka villages and experience Hakka fantastic styles in the future.

Group photos in which Minister Li Yung Te participates in warm-up, prepares to start, and fires a shot to take off. Qǐpǎo yùbèi 4/5000 Preparation for start.Group of photoGame startGroup of photo with Minister Li Yung Te