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Hakka light trip with a pleasant tour and good food – Zuodui Jiadong Township

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2019/08/17
  • Last updated:2020/12/14
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Hakka light trip with a pleasant tour and good food – Zuodui Jiadong Township 展示圖 f1566350811374.jpg

Today (August 17), we came to a “Hakka village with the taste of sea” —Zuodui Jiadong Township. Although it had been raining heavily in recent days in Pingtung county, all of us were still full of passion to visit the Hakka village!

At the beginning of the event, Chairman Yang Jingmou of the Jiadong Literature and History Association gave us a detailed explanation on the scenery and cultural heritage of the Hakka village, including the Yang's Ancestral Hall and the Yang Family Ancestral shrine, etc. We also tasted the Hakka cuisine full of seafood. What a great meal we had!

Besides, the DIY experience this time was “Hakka fermented tofu with salted pork Pizza” developed by Jiadong Farmers’ Association. Many kinds of fresh ingredients were put on top of the pizza crusts, which were then grilled in a kiln. In a short time the air was filled with the aroma from the Pizza. It almost made the editor’s mouth water when smelling it!


The last round of this year's “Hakka light trip with a pleasant tour and good food” was expected to be held in September. This time we are going to visit Wanluanand and Zhutian in Pingtung County. Please pay close attention to the information on Facebook of the Park!


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