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“Liudui Eco-museum Cultural Train --- Big Lion Family Action Figures Show” Visits Miaoli in Summer Vacation

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2019/08/28
  • Last updated:2020/12/14
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“Liudui Eco-museum Cultural Train --- Big Lion Family Action Figures Show”  Visits Miaoli in Summer Vacation 展示圖 f1566973689973.jpg

"Liudui Eco-museum Cultural Train—Big Lion Action Figures Show"


Taking advantage of the summer vacation, I went north to visit the Taiwan Hakka Museum. These tickets for 6 performances were almost sold out and the applause and laughter of the audience were uninterrupted!


Most of the audience watched the large-scale Action Figure shows for the first time.

In addition to the residents of Miaoli, there were also audience of drama following from Taichung and Tainan, and even American friends who returned to Taiwan to visit their relatives during the summer vacation.

During the performance, a child asked his mother curiously

"Are they human beings? Does anyone live in it?",

I also saw the audience dancing along in the seats with the characters of the show.

There were also friends who followed the lines to learn Hakka, people who were so fascinated to watch the show that they held their pee, and the loyal supporter who insisted to watch the show even in typhoon weather with strong wind and heavy rain…

From above-mentioned, it is known how interesting the Big Lion Family Action Figures Show in Taiwan Hakka Cultural Development Center is.


September 21st of this year

In the Performance Hall of Liudui Hakka Cultural Park


There will be a new Action Figures show named "Under the Flower Tree" to be launched.

Welcome old friends and new acquaintances, and also bring your family to watch the show~


Both big friends and small kids like to take photos with Action FiguresThree treasures (watch, mirror and tea cup)Little butterfly, the yellow butterfly fairy, danced together with water god, big and little lion sisters Big Lion brother and Lion sister planted gems togetherBeautiful yellow butterfly fairy was rescued from the dam by all peoplePeople waiting in line to enter the showMountain god gave sunlight gems as a giftAfter the performance, big friends and small kids took photos with the Action FiguresAudience watching the Action Figures show