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A fun picnic in the Hakka village

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  • Publication Date:2020/11/11
  • Last updated:2022/02/17
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A fun picnic in the Hakka village 展示圖 啟動儀式.jpg


The Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, Hakka Affairs Council launched an experiential activity in combination with the Hakka village community for the first time. The topic was "A fun picnic in Hakka village" of the 2020 Hakka Village Series activity of the Liudui ecological museum and Pingtung picnic day. Together with the picnic of the Hakka community development association in the 12 rural areas of Liudui, this year specialty industry players and Meiho University worked with the National Pingtung University to co-sponsor the grand opening in the Liudui Hakka Cultural Park today (7th). They offered the public "A fun picnic in Hakka village". There were multiple distinguished guests at the meeting including Weng Shunxiang, President of Meiho University, representatives of policy alliance organizations, representatives of the Pingtung county government, 25 Hakka village associations representatives, and a number of local high-quality enterprise leaders who participated in the activities. Together, this collaboration jointly launched the diversified Hakka village picnic activities.


Understand the ecology and ecological bottle of the Wugousuei area in Wanluan and make.Wanluan plant vegetable dyeing coasters.


In order to combine specific and local industries, this was the first time Leyou SIM cards were used to handle Hakka village activities; 600 Leyou SIM cards (3+1 experiences) were warmly supported and sold out in advance. Other related activities collaborated with local communities such as the cocoa lip balm developed by the cocoa industry with the goal of cultural promotion in Neipu Township. In addition, there was DIY pineapple sauce from the Guangxing Community Development Association in Gaoshu Township, honeysuckle tea eggs from the Erlun Community Development Association in Zhutian Township, and the DIY Hakka rice cake from the Zhongzhen Community Development Association in the Meinong District. These activities of breaking through barriers in order to understand Hakka culture was won by the honey tea launched by the Qiedong Culture and History Association in Jiadong Township. In addition, there were 40 stalls for Shanlin's blue-dyed kerchiefs, gourd DIY, and lemon vinegar DIY from the Xinliao Community Development Association in the Liugui district. Furthermore, papermaking with mulberry (Luzi tree) was launched by the Jiaxian Aixiang Association and the Pingtung Humanistic Ecological Leisure Alliance to provide people the ability to experience the characteristics of the Hakka village as well as invite them to learn about the food culture, life art and industrial characteristics of the Hakka village through a DIY experience.


Meinong Zhongzhen community launches rice cake DIYExperience of Sachet of Linluo Muxue


He Jinliang, director of the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center, said that through the series experience activities of the Hakka village, we can better publicize the Hakka culture and characteristics, let tourists understand the Hakka culture through teaching in fun and hands-on work, create good interactions and a cooperative relationship between the park and local communities, jointly promote the collective memory of the Liudui Hakka villages, and connect the memory and culture of the Hakka village through hands-on experience. In order to connect various organs, government agencies of the Pingtung Cultural, Ecological and Leisure Alliance were invited to participate in the activity. The Pingtung County government brought five local museums (art museum, drama museum, martial arts arena, etc.) so that people could learn about local cultural memory from their perspectives. Meiho University launched the 2020 Pingtung picnic day which also allowed people to experience the fun of picnicking. Welcome to Liudui park and come and experience the local culture.


people attended the “A Fun Picnic in Hakka Village” activity.On the same day, more than 12,000 people attended the “A Fun Picnic in Hakka Village” activity.


Weng Shunxiang, President of Meiho University, said: "Since 2016, Meiho University has cooperated with the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center to organize the Pingtung picnic day every year. This year witnesses the fifth anniversary. Every year, the picnic packages were provided by local farmers or enterprises to support excellent enterprises, micro-business operators and Hakka village communities in southern Taiwan through these activities, thereby jointly promoting local innovation. This year's picnic packages also sold out in seconds. And I would like to thank you for supporting the enterprise with the university. " Starting from the strength of the University, Meiho University provides manufacturers with assistance in multiple marketing channels through picnic packages and fairs to jointly contribute to Taiwan's economy.


Jiadong Township - trying the sweet wineMaking meatballs- Zhunan Community Development Association of Zhutian Township


A representative of Wugousuei, a community in the Hakka village was setting up its own stall this time, and said this: “We use the sessil marshweed of Wugousuei to make an ecological bottle. Through this activity, people can understand the water system ecology of the Hakka village and achieve the inheritance of culture and ecology. At the same time, we also cooperated with Liudui park to transplant and rehabilitate sessil marshweed in Pingtung to provide a better environment for the local water ecology and let more people learn about the characteristics and culture of the Hakka village.”



DIY experience of planting in Neipu TownshipHakka village explains the ecology of local waters

The 2020 Hakka village activity, "A fun picnic in Hakka village" from the Liudui Ecological Museum and the Pingtung picnic day allow people to understand the local cultural characteristics through a hands-on experience and the food industry, as well as to listen to the local stories more deeply.

A fun picnic in Hakka village