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Hakka-themed sports game celebrates Liugdui 300th anniversary

  • Source:客家文化發展中心
  • Publication Date:2022/03/12
  • Last updated:2022/11/03
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Hakka-themed sports game celebrates Liugdui 300th anniversary 展示圖 HAC Minister Yiong Con Ziin Encourages Athletes During Oration

Liugdui Sports Game, an event that is organized to showcase Hakka culture and team spirit as well as cultivate Hakka sporting talents, returned to its 57th edition at Juten Junior High School in Pingtung on March 12.

Hosted by the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC), the event was kicked off with Hakka lion dance troupe that led the preparatory office committee and judge team into the arena and was followed by athletes from townships across the Liugdui settlements who showcased their characteristics.  

A dynamic performance designed for this year’s sports event was also presented to celebrate the Hakka tradition and culture.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Yiong Con-ziin (楊長鎮) of HAC said that this year’s event is the first sports game held following the Hakka Liugdui 300th Anniversary Event, and it has attracted not only local residents but those from all over Taiwan to participate in the game, elevating it from a regional Hakka event to a national level.

Programs of the two-day event span track and field, ball games, and folk sports. The event also added in breakdancing and rock climbing this year for the first time, which saw a break dancer as young as 6 years old participate in the competition.

Launched in 1948, Liugdui Sports Game has demonstrated the spirt of unity and sustainability of people in the Liugdui settlements for decades. Over years of evolution, the event has become a cultural brand, which promotes Hakka culture in collaboration with local businesses, marketing agencies, and people from all walks of life.

With support from the private and public sectors, the event has played a significant role in bringing together local people and cultivating local athletes, serving to enhance cultural identity and build a sense of community.

The HAC hopes to unite people of Liugdui settlements through sport activities with the spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity, and fair competition, and to pass on culture as well as collective memories of the Hakka people to the next generation.