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Hakka farming activity held in Pingtung

Publication Date:2023-07-07
Last updated:2023-07-25

With the summer vacation underway, it is once again the harvest season. Liudui Hakka Cultural Park organized a farming activity on July 1, the first day of the summer vacation, to harvest rice after nearly four months of incubation.

National Museum Day

Publication Date:2022-09-02
Last updated:2023-04-17

Combining achievements of local communities and museum’s function of passing on knowledge, the “Hakka Trip: hau (hoˋ)hagˋloiˇliau” event deepens museum’s educational function and introduces the diverse Hakka cultures to the public through DIY activities.

Special exhibition on education and culture in Hakka Liugdui settlements kicks off

Publication Date:2022-08-10
Last updated:2022-11-14

Upon the return of the International Museum Day on May 18, Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC) launched a special exhibition that offers glimpses into three Hakka Liugdui holders of “jinshi (進士),” the highest degree in the imperial examination system in ancient China.

THCDC opens exhibition on coastal Hakka settlement artifacts

Publication Date:2022-07-30
Last updated:2022-11-14

An exhibition featuring stories and experiences of people in Xinpi and Jiadong townships of the Liugdui Hakka settlements will be held at Jiangong Quadrangle House, a traditional Hakka heritage site in Pingtung’s township of Xinpi, from July 30 to Oct. 31, 2022.

Liugdui 300th anniversary’s flag raising ceremony

Publication Date:2022-06-04
Last updated:2022-11-14

Hakka-themed sports game celebrates Liugdui 300th anniversary

Publication Date:2022-03-12
Last updated:2022-11-03

Liugdui Sports Game, an event that is organized to showcase Hakka culture and team spirit as well as cultivate Hakka sporting talents, returned to its 57th edition at Juten Junior High School in Pingtung on March 12.

Hakka-themed events to celebrate Lunar New Year

Publication Date:2022-01-24
Last updated:2022-11-16

A series of events will be held at the Pingtung-based Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park from Feb. 1 to 6 and Feb. 12 to 13 to welcome the Year of the Tiger.

HAC hosts ceremony highlighting Hakka’s collective memories, history

Publication Date:2021-11-22
Last updated:2022-11-16

The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) held a cultural ritual connecting three temples known as the “three sacred sites” in Pingtung County to commemorate Hakka historical events on Nov. 19.

Festival events unveiled to celebrate autumn harvest

Publication Date:2021-10-24
Last updated:2022-10-11

The Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC) has organized a series of events at the Pingtung-based Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park to celebrate the 2021 Hakka Autumn Harvest Festival from Oct. 23 through Nov. 7.

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